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Meet RollWorks’ Technology Partners

RollWorks believes that to be a true platform, and to provide the most comprehensive solution set to the market, we need to partner with leading marketing technologies. Our vision: An Ecosystem friendly Account Based Data Platform that complements and improves existing products in the broader market rather than rip and replace them.


RollWorks + Salesforce Integration

Leverage your CRM data bi-directionally for high impact account-based campaigns.


Leverage your Salesforce data to deliver highly targeted account-based programs through RollWorks.

The RollWorks ABM App allows marketers to leverage CRM data in their campaigns, ensuring alignment across sales & marketing teams as they engage target accounts with personalized digital marketing campaigns. Additionally, this bi-directional flow of data improves program performance and collaboration with a reporting view right in Salesforce.

Features include:

  • Audience management: Sync account and contact data from Salesforce to RollWorks to define target audiences.
  • Ideal customer profile insights: Leverage sales funnel data to surface the shared attributes of the ideal customer to inform or validate account-based marketing strategies.
  • Personalized ad creation and delivery: Dynamically populate ads with Salesforce data, such as company name or job function. Serve these highly relevant ads with consistent messaging across sales and marketing synced to Salesforce stages.
  • Reporting the source of truth: Report campaign performance at the account and contact level directly in Salesforce.