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Meet RollWorks’ Technology Partners

RollWorks believes that to be a true platform, and to provide the most comprehensive solution set to the market, we need to partner with leading marketing technologies. Our vision: An Ecosystem friendly Account Based Data Platform that complements and improves existing products in the broader market rather than rip and replace them.


RollWorks + Hushly Integration

Provide a more relevant and personalized content experience to your target accounts.


Supercharge your account-based strategy with targeted personalized content experiences.

The combination of these two technologies allows B2B marketers to deliver a personalized content experience at scale, resulting in higher content engagement, higher conversions, and higher lead quality. With the RollWorks and Hushly integration, joint customers can use firmographic or RollWorks account-level data to personalize landing pages.

Personalization creates a more engaging and relevant customer journey experience. RollWorks' integration with Hushly is easy to implement and assures your ABM campaigns deliver key results.